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OUR APOSTOLIC MISSION is to provide security, comfort & assistance to the people of God ensuring the smooth operation of council related functions. We enable the general body to worship God and fellowship in a secure and peaceful environment.  The most decorated members of the A-team possess the spiritual gift of helps.










Dr. L. McNeese
Director of  Security - SGT at Arms

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Adjutant Services

Contact Dr. McNeese and the A-Team for assistance in any of the following areas:

  Council Historian             Sergeant-At-Arms
  Constitution & By-Laws             F.A.C. Information Booth
  Eligible Ministers Roster             Church History Binders
  Council Photography/Archives             A-Team Transportation Services
  New Pastors Packet             Apostolic Council Vending Services
  F.A.C. Theological Training             F.A.C. Social Media 
  Parking              Special Needs/Assistance

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