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Antoinette Jones, M.A.

F.A.C. Exhibitor Services
Dr. L. McNeese, Director

Praise the Lord!

I am Missionary Antoinette Jones.  On behalf of F.A.C. Administrative Assistant, Dr. L. McNeese, I welcome you to apply for a vendor's space during one of our council sessions. After reviewing the disclaimer and rules of use, you may download your copy of the application below.  Please mail your form and fees to F.A.C. Vending c/o Missionary A. Jones, P. O. Box 2265, Clarksville, TN 37042.

For questions, you may contact me at:

Rules of Use:

  • No person or auxiliary shall be permitted to sell, distribute, or transact business without authorization.
  • There shall be an assessed booth reservation fee of $65.00 per vendor.
  • The reservation fee is non refundable regardless of length of stay.
  • Limitations may be set on the sale of merchandise at the discretion of the F.A.C.
  • The vendor's fee entitles the vendor to one standard sized table.
  • The sell or display of materials that conflict with apostolic traditions and values is prohibited.
  • Double vending and piggy back sales are not permitted.
  • All booths will close when regular services are in session.
  • All vending activities will be closely monitored by the F.A.C. Director of Vending Services.
  • A receipt for purchases must be provided to F.A.C. members upon request.
  • Additional fees and restrictions may apply to vendors selling hot or unpackaged foods.


"The First Apostolic Council assumes no responsibility for property lost, stolen, or damaged.  Individual vendors, not the F.A.C., are solely responsible for the contents and condition of food and other products.  F.A.C. reserves the right to decline the sale of duplicate items among vendors and to revoke the sale rights of any vendor at any time at its discretion."

***Reservation requests and payments must be received no later than 7 days prior to the event.***

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (931) 801-8185



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