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F.A.C. Theological Training

(Higher Christian Education)
Est. June 2009

Welcome First Apostolic Council scholars and students! 

Please note that the information contained herein is copyrighted.  Additionally, this page and the password that was used to access it is for F.A.C. ministers only.

In order to use this site and attend classes you must be:

  1. An active minister of an F.A.C. church in good standing.
  2. Registered with the general body secretary and wearing your badge upon entering the classroom or
  3. An F.A.C. pastor
  4. A guest minister or a pastor (previously authorized by Bishop Merritt or Dr. McNeese).

You must be tested on the applicable subject matter to receive a certificate of completion.  Certificates will be awarded during annual council sessions.  Please contact Missionary Antoinette Jones, M.A. via for more information.

Information concerning the council college degree program is forthcoming. Thank you for your patience!


Bishop Sherman L. Merritt



Pastor L. McNeese, Ph.D.













March 2023 test scores!

Evg. Sally Sanders (Pentecostal Lighthouse, Burrell) - A+

Evg. Rena Drummond (Christ Temple, Covington) - A


Previous Lectures

  • 10 Questions for Teachers
  • Leadership Characteristics
  • Understanding Biblical Idioms
  • Hermeneutics
  • Context Principle 1
  • Etiquette for Ministers
  • Context Principle 2
  • Biblical Hermeneutics (The Ethnic Division Principle)
  • The Ethnic Division Principle II: "The Biblical Hermeneutics"              
  • Biblical Hermeneutics (The Ethnic Division Principle) Review & Summary
  • The Covenant Principle of
    Biblical Hermeneutics
  • The Covenant Principle of
    Biblical Hermeneutics Review
  • Moral & Illumination Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics - Part I
  • Biblical Word Studies

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Lectures on CD

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Click the link below to access the online campus.

The printable exams below can be used while gathering your notes and searching for the answers. You will still need to complete the exams online throught the testing center.

Critical Thinking Exam 60120 Printable 

Evangelistic Exegesis Exam 60120 Printable 

In Defense of the Gospel Exam 60120 Printable

Apostolic Apologetics Exam - January 2023

Essential Homiletics Exam 50523


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