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F.A.C. Authors & Books


That's Not in the Bible!
By Dr. L. McNeese
​$20.00 plus S & H


First Apostolic Council of Kentucky and Tennessee Folding Fans
$5 plus s/h

F.A.C. Gold Lapel Pin
$19 plus s/h

25 Traits of Great Bible Teachers
By La Monte McNeese, Ph.D.
Aida Ford Scholar Award Winner
$17.00 Soft cover
plus S/H


F.A.C. Lapel Pin
​Only $10.00
plus S/H

Still Running
By Nathaniel Northington
Soft or Hard cover
plus S/H

Still Running


Apostolic Preaching Towels
$12.00 plus S/H


Under the Shadow The Full Story
by Anthony E. Walton
plus S/H
Contact D.E. Walton to place your order

Married or Roommates
Pastor Anthony E. Walton & Deborah Walton
plus S/H
Contact D.E. Walton to place your order

First Apostolic Council of KY & TN
Constitution & By-Laws

$20 plus S/H



I love P.A.W.
$20.00 plus S/H


The Greatest Quotes of His Eminence Bishop James A-1 Johnson

Dr. La Monte McNeese
Soft $19/Hard $29 plus s/h

An Apostolic Q & A
Dr. L. McNeese
Click here for free download
For a hard copy
$15 plus s/h

Sermon & Bible Study Notebooks
by Dr. L. McNeese
$10.00 plus S/H

Sermon and Bible Study Notebooks


Boy, Am I Enthusiasic!
By Calvin Bradley
plus S/H


Word AFlame
Apostolic Study Bible 
$90.00 plus S/H


Hell is Not in Charge
By Johnny Burrell
plus S/H


I See A Crimson Stream of Blood
Rufus G. W. Sanders, Ph.D.
$20 plus S/H


Yep, I Said It!
Dr. L. McNeese
$21 plus s/h

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